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be.Dii pa.Dnaa

paa.nv me.n be.Dii pa.Dnaa

become a prisoner

Duuban be.Daa pa.Dnaa

to prove a sinking ship,' to prove injurious or baneful, to fall into a damning sin

be.Dii ba.Dhaanaa

be.Dii ga.Dhnaa

be.Dii gha.Dnaa


fetters, shackle

be.Dii to.Dnaa

be.Dii pahan.naa

paa.nv kii be.Dii

anything that acts as a brake to one's desires or ambitions such as wife, family or a love affair

paa.nv kii be.Dii

be.Dii kaaTnaa

make free, remove obstacles

be.Dii Daalnaa

be.Dii bharnaa

be.Dii kaTnaa

be.Dii pinhaanaa

be.Dii pahnaanaa

paa.nv me.n be.Dii Daalnaa

paa.nv me.n be.Dii honaa



Handcuff, manacle

paa.nv kii be.Dii kaaTnaa

mannat kii be.Dii


bar fetters consist of iron rings locked around the ankles of prisoners

Tek kii be.Dii

paa.nv kii be.Dii kaT jaanaa

pa.Dnaa kii choT pa.Dnaa pa.Dnaa

ba.Dii ba.Dii zabaane.n honaa

pichhvaa.D pa.Dnaa

la.Daa.ii pa.Dnaa

get into trouble with each other, to start fight

ba.Dii ba.Dii baate.n karnaa

pai.n.De pa.Dnaa

jha.Dkiyaa.n pa.Dnaa

pa.Daav pa.Dnaa pa.Dnaa

dha.Dkaa pa.Dnaa

dau.D pa.Dnaa

rush forth or forward

da.D pa.Dnaa

da.Daa.D pa.Dnaa

dhaa.D pa.Dnaa

(a band of robbers) to fall (upon)

chha.Daa.e pa.Dnaa

zaa.iqa pa.Dnaa

daa.nv pa.Dnaa

To be thrown (dice), to have a good throw.

'uqda pa.Dnaa

'aqd pa.Dnaa

'adaavat pa.Dnaa

dushvaarii pa.Dnaa

bauchhaa.D pa.Dnaa

ba.Dii Dev.Dhii

ta.Daata.D pa.Dnaa

aa.D pa.Dnaa

guum.Daa pa.Dnaa

(of a body part) to swell

raga.D pa.Dnaa

go.De pa.Dnaa

to die, to land in the grave

pa.Dtii pa.Dnaa

land to become unproductive or unfit for cultivation

bakhe.Daa pa.Dnaa

raba.D pa.Dnaa

toil to befall (one), to suffer fatigue, to take a long round, to have to trudge, to labour in vain

baa.D pa.Dnaa

jhaga.D pa.Dnaa

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be.Dii pa.Dnaa

बेड़ी पड़नाبیڑی پَڑْنا


बेड़ी पड़ना के हिंदी अर्थ

  • पान में ज़ंजीर पहनाई जाना, क़ैद हवालात या पाबंदी होजाना
  • निकाह या शादी होना, बाल बच्चों में फन

بیڑی پَڑْنا کے اردو معانی

  • پانْو میں زنجیر پہنائی جانا، قید حوالات یا پابندی ہوجانا
  • نکاح یا شادی ہونا ، بال بچوں میں پھنْسنا

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be.Dii pa.Dnaa

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