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charaaG le kar dekhnaa

search thoroughly for (something)

charaaG le kar Dhuu.nDnaa

search thoroughly for (something)

charaaG le kar Dho.nDnaa

dau.D le kar dau.Dnaa

charaaG uf kar denaa

mu.D kar dekhnaa

jhaa.D kar le jaanaa

aTvaaT-khaTvaaT le kar pa.Dnaa

naam le-le kar

by name, openly

aTvaaTii khaTvaaTii le kar pa.Dnaa

mash'al le kar Dhuu.nDnaa

mol le kar chho.D denaa

po.ngaa le kar piichhe pa.Dnaa

mash'al le kar Dhuu.nDna

to search, finding out too much, try hard

mu.D mu.D kar dekhnaa

turn round and look again and again

jhaa.D pachho.D kar dekhnaa

sham'a le kar Dhuu.nDnaa

chhalnii le kar chhaan.naa

buttii le kar chu.ndhiir Dhuu.nDhnaa

haatho.n-haath u.Daa kar le jaanaa

battii le kar Dhuu.nDnaa

sar par le jaa kar kha.Daa kar denaa

aTvaaTii khaTvaaTii le kar pa.D jaanaa

lie in bed in a huff or protest, take to bed (in grief), pretend to be ill

kyaa mu.nh le kar

puuchh le ro kar , aa.Daa de ha.ns kar

aTvaaTii khaTvaaTii le kar pa.D rahnaa

naam le le kar pukaarnaa

pag.Dii thaam kar dekhnaa

mu.D kar na dekhnaa

not to look back, not look again, Metaphorically: have no regard (for)

diide phaa.D-phaa.D kar dekhnaa

maze le le kar

lak.Dii le kar siidhaa ho jaanaa

nazar kar dekhnaa

kyaa mu.nh le kar jaa.uu.n

kar dekhnaa

try, test

nigaah kar dekhnaa

nazar ga.Do ga.Do kar dekhnaa

aa.nkhe.n phaa.D phaa.D kar dekhnaa

gaze, look wide-eyed in astonishment, observe avidly

chhaan-chhuun kar dekhnaa

nazre.n churaa kar dekhnaa

muTThii me.n le kar chalnaa

haath me.n qalam le kar yaa paka.D kar rah jaanaa

Tuk.De de kar bachh.Daa paalaa, le kar maaran aayaa

good turn repaid by evil

aa.nkh daab kar dekhnaa

aa.nkh dabaa kar dekhnaa

allaah kaa naam le kar

baazaar kaa sachchaa jo le kar deve

kaar-guzaarii dekhnaa

le kar girnaa

le kar aanaa

le kar chaaTnaa

naam le kar

in the name of

jaan le kar

khaTvaaTii paatii le kar pa.D rahaa hai

aaTe kaa charaaG ghar rakhuu.n chuuhaa khaa.e , baahar dharuu.n kauvaa le jaa.e

sham' le kar Dhuu.nDhiye to pataa nahii.n

chhaatii par dhar kar le jaanaa

ha.nkaa kar le jaanaa

dil chiir kar dekhnaa

girebaa.n me.n jhaa.nk kar dekhnaa

Meaning ofSee meaning charaaG le kar dekhnaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

charaaG le kar dekhnaa

चराग़ ले कर देखनाچَراغ لے کَر دیکْھنا


English meaning of charaaG le kar dekhnaa


  • search thoroughly for (something)
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चराग़ ले कर देखना के हिंदी अर्थ


  • माल मेहनत और लगन से तलाश करना

چَراغ لے کَر دیکْھنا کے اردو معانی


  • مال محنت اور تجسس سے تلاش کرنا، نہایت جستجو کرنا

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charaaG le kar dekhnaa

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