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dekhaa aav na dekhaa taav

na dekhaa aav, na dekhaa taav

aav dekhaa na taav

promptly, without hesitation, with no regard for consequences

na aav dekhaa na taav

Recklessly, indiscreetly, thoughtlessly.

na dekhaa jaanaa

dekhaa na jaanaa

dekhaa na bhaalaa

dekhaa na sunaa

'iid kaa chaa.nd na dekhaa , ruKH-e-zebaa dekhaa

din dekhaa na raat

dekhaa na bhaalaa, diid na shuniid

aagaa dekhaa na piichhaa

na dekhaa na bhaalaa sadqii ga.ii.n KHaala

na dekhaa na bhaalaa sadqii ga.ii KHaala

dekhaa na bhaalaa sadqe ga.ii.n KHaala

the aunt is devoted to the nephew whom she has never seen

dekhaa khaayaa na mu.nh paa.nv jogaa

dekhaa na bhaalaa sadqe ga.ii KHaala

the aunt is devoted to the nephew whom she has never seen

na dekhaa chor baap baraabar

na aankho.n dekhaa, na kaano.n sunaa

janam na dekhaa boriyaa supne aa.ii khaaT

a poor man dreaming of riches, destitute person emulating the rich

aa.nkho.n ne dekhaa na kaano.n ne sunaa

aa.nkho.n ne dekhaa na kaano.n ne sunii

jis kaa aa.nchal Gair mard ne na dekhaa ho

aa.nkh se dekhaa na kaan se sunaa

aa.nkho.n dekhaa maanaa kaano.n sunaa na maana

seeing is believing

marte hazaaro.n ko sunaa , janaaza kasii kaa na dekhaa

kabhii na dekhaa boriyaa aur sapne aa.ii khaaT

aa.nkho.n se dekhaa na kaano.n se sunaa

aa.nkho.n dekhaa so jaanaa kaano.n sunaa na maanaa

laberii kap.De , phaTaa hu.aa TaaT , janam na dekhaa boriyaa sapne me.n aa.ii khaaT

chaa.nd aasmaan cha.Dhaa sab ne dekhaa

farishto.n ne KHvaab me.n nahii.n dekhaa

mu.nh na dikhaa

mujhii mu.nh na dikhaa

mu.nh ko dikhaa na saknaa

kuchh tum ne KHvaab to nahii.n dekhaa hai

aasmaan par chaa.nd niklaa sab ne dekhaa

kuchh tum ne KHvaab dekhaa hai

panDait pothii baa.nchte mullaa pa.Dhe qur.aan log dikhaa vo laakh karo naa miliye bhagvaan

kaa Taapuu me.n mor naachaa kis ne dekhaa

kisii ne mu.nh aarsii me.n dekhaa kisii ne aa.iine me.n

jangal me.n mor naachaa kis ne dekhaa

the householders cannot joyed of doing big things in foreign countries, it is called when someone spends his money in a foreign country and his people are not benefited from it

guu.nge ne sapnaa dekhaa, man hii man pachhtaa.e

Thag na dekhe dekhe qasaa.ii, sher na dekhe dekhe bilaa.ii

cha.Dhe par cha.Dhaa.o sar dukhe na paa.nv

cha.Dhe par na cha.Dhaa.o sar dekhe na paa.nv

des par cha.Dhaav sar dukhe na paav

kabhii na dekhii chaddar chadrii

kaanii apnaa Te.nTh na dekhe , dekhe aur kii phullii

dekhe na dikhlaa.e

dekhe dekhii na jaanaa

muflis kii javaanii aur jaa.Do.n kii chaa.ndii kis ne dekhii

baa.ndii ke aage baa.ndii me.nh dekhe na aa.ndhii

allaah na dikhaa.e

KHudaa dushman ko na dikhaa.e

jis ne na dekhii ho kanyaa, dekhe kanyaa kaa bhaa.ii

KHudaa mu.nh na dikhaa.e

KHudaa mu.nh na dikhaa.e

may God keep him off!

mu.nh na dikhaa.o

bu.Dhiyaa ne siikhaa salaam na dekhii sub.h na shaam

repetition of even the good things is tiresome

Meaning ofSee meaning dekhaa aav na dekhaa taav in English, Hindi & Urdu

dekhaa aav na dekhaa taav

देखा आव न देखा तावدیکھا آؤ نَہ دیکھا تاؤ


देखा आव न देखा ताव के हिंदी अर्थ

  • मौक़ा महल नहीं देखना, जा बेजा नहीं देखा नीज़ रुक : आओ देखा ना ताऊ अलख

دیکھا آؤ نَہ دیکھا تاؤ کے اردو معانی

  • موقع محل نہیں دیکھنا، جا بے جا نہیں دیکھا نیز رک : آؤ دیکھا نہ تاؤ الخ .

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dekhaa aav na dekhaa taav

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