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kenchulii men aanaa

to be about to put on new slough (a snake)

kenchulii chho.Dnaa

to cast or shed its skin, cast off the old slough (a snake)

kenchulii jhaa.Dnaa

cast off the old slough


slough or cast off skin of a snake, skin or slough (of a snake)

kenchulii badalnaa

to change (its) skin, slough, to separate in the form of dead tissue from living tissue, shed or remove (a layer of dead skin)

nazar men aanaa

be seen

jumbish men aanaa

get into a state of motion or action, become active, be stirred up, be roused or be excited

kenchulii Daalnaa

to cast or shed its skin (a snake).

qaaruura men bhaale nazar aanaa

to ive importance to ordinary matter

billii ko KHvaab men chhiichh.De nazar aanaa

jul men aanaa

be entrapped, be deceived

kenchulii utarnaa

to remove skin or slug

kenchulii utaarnaa

to removing old membranes or skins

din men taare dikhaa.ii denaa yaa nazar aanaa

see stars, light to flash before the eyes, especially as a result of a blow on the head, be unpleasantly surprised, be caught unawares, be shocked

kenchulii kaa lachkaa

a kind of flex that when it is pulled, it becomes long like a snake's slough

daa.nv me.n aanaa

ba.Dhaave me.n aanaa

bha.Dambo.n me.n aanaa

a.Da.nge me.n aanaa

daa.nv me.n aanaa

daa.nv.n me.n aanaa

lataa.D me.n aanaa

aa.D me.n aanaa

aazmaa.ish me.n aanaa

vuquu' me.n aanaa

'aqd me.n aanaa

vuquu' me.n aanaa

to come to pass, to take place, to occur, to happen

chupa.D me.n aanaa

bha.Dii me.n aanaa

be provoked

paka.D me.n aanaa

be arrested, be caught

ta.Dii me.n aanaa

rag.De me.n aanaa

ba.D me.n aanaa

fiqro.n me.n aanaa

paa.nv me.n jo.Daa aanaa

daav me.n aanaa

daav me.n aanaa

kenchulii sii utar jaanaa

easy to take off due to loosening of a attires

ba.Dhaave cha.Dhaave me.n aanaa

daa.ire me.n aanaa

nazro.n me.n aanaa

vujuud me.n aanaa

vajd me.n aanaa

ziiq me.n aanaa

to be anxious, to be vexed

qabze me.n aanaa

aaGosh me.n aanaa

zad me.n aanaa

Gazab me.n aanaa

become very angry

gardish me.n aanaa

Gazabii me.n aanaa

gardish me.n aanaa

be unlucky, fall into adversity, fall on evil days

parvaaz me.n aanaa

dabaav me.n aanaa

yield to pressure, force or authority

vajd me.n aanaa

to come into ecstasy

zindagii me.n aanaa

to come across in one's lifespan

Gaiz me.n aanaa

Garqii me.n aanaa

be flooded, be inundated

vaz' me.n farq aanaa

'aql me.n aanaa


Meaning ofSee meaning kenchulii men aanaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

kenchulii men aanaa

केंचुली में आनाکین٘چُلی میں آنا


English meaning of kenchulii men aanaa


  • to be about to put on new slough (a snake)
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केंचुली में आना के हिंदी अर्थ


  • साँप का नई केंचुली बदलने को होना, केंचुली के शरीर पर से उतरने का समय आना

کین٘چُلی میں آنا کے اردو معانی


  • سانپ کا نئی کینچلی بدلنے کو ہونا، مراد کینچلی کے جسم پر سے اترنے کا زمانہ آتا ہے تو سانپ کینچلی میں پھرتا ہے تو نہایت بد روپ اور سست ہوجاتا ہے، بلکہ اسے نظر بھی کم آنے لگتاہے کیونکہ جھِلّی پھول کر اس کی آنکھوں کو دھندلا کردیتی ہے
  • سانپ کا نئی کینچلی بدلنے کو ہونا، کینچلی کے جسم پر سے اترنے کا زمانہ آنا

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kenchulii men aanaa

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