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kha.De kha.De ho jaanaa

ruu.ngTe kha.De ho jaanaa

rom kha.De ho jaanaa

haath jhaa.D ke kha.De ho jaanaa

being bankrupt, becoming penniless

haath jhaa.D kar kha.De ho jaanaa

give away all, squander all money

badan ke ro.ngaTe kha.De ho jaanaa

be terror-stricken

mu.nh jhuTaal kar kha.De ho jaanaa

jamaa'at kha.Dii ho jaanaa

palle jhaa.D kar kha.Daa ho jaanaa

get rid of, sever all connections, distribute everything one has

kha.De rah jaanaa

haath jo.D kar kha.Daa ho jaanaa

haat jo.D kar kha.Daa ho jaanaa

diivaar ke aage diivaar kha.Dii ho jaanaa

kha.De kaa kha.Daa rah jaanaa

daaman jhaTak kar kha.Daa ho jaanaa

la.Daa.ii par kha.De rah jaanaa ko laat maar kar kha.Daa ho jaanaa

recover fully from a serious illness, recover from aftermath of childbirth

kha.De kha.De phirnaa

murde ko baiTh kar rote hai.n, rozii ko kha.De ho kar

rozii ko rote hai.n kha.De ho kar , murde ko baiTh kar

taraazuu se kha.De ho kar na tolo barkat jaatii rahtii hai

murde ko ro.e baiTh kar, rizq ko ro.e kha.De ho kar

murde ko ro.e baiTh ke, rizq ko ro.e kha.De ho kar

roTii ko rote hai.n kha.De ho kar , murde ko rote hai.n baiTh kar

murde ko baiTh kar royaa jaataa hai aur roTii ko kha.De ho kar

gha.Diyo.n kha.De rahnaa


on the spot, at the instant, quickly, promptly, expeditiously, soon

kha.De karnaa

to recover cash

kha.De ghaaT dhulvaanaa

get the clothes washed at river or pond, etc.

kha.De rahnaa

tajviiz kha.De rahnaa

kha.De paa.i.ncho.n kaa

ruu.e.n kha.De honaa

kha.De-kha.De le lenaa

maa'buud kha.De karnaa

kha.De ghaaT kalapvaanaa

kha.De ghaaT dhonaa kha.De karnaa

chaaval kha.De rahnaa

dekhte kha.De rahnaa

kaa.nTe kha.De karnaa

kaa.nTe kha.De honaa

gosh kha.De honaa

ro.ngTe kha.De honaa

the hairs (of the body) to stand on end (from cold, or astonishment, or fear)

ro.ngTe kha.De karnaa

kha.De ghaaT kap.De dhulvaanaa

ruu.nghTe kha.De honaa

mu'aamalaat kha.De karnaa



kha.De kaa kha.Daa rah gayaa

kha.De paa.nv baiThak denaa

kha.De paa.nv baiThak denaa

dhuum-dhaam kha.De rahnaa

kha.De qad bijlii gire kha.De kar denaa

kha.De qad se girnaa

paa.nv par kha.De honaa

haath baa.ndhe kha.De honaa

haath baa.ndhe kha.De rahnaa

haazirii me.n kha.De rahnaa

be in constant attendance

Meaning ofSee meaning kha.De kha.De ho jaanaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

kha.De kha.De ho jaanaa

खड़े खड़े हो जानाکَھڑے کَھڑے ہو جانا


खड़े खड़े हो जाना के हिंदी अर्थ

  • थोड़ी देर के लिए आकर मिल जाना, पल भर को आजाना थोड़ी देर में वापस चला जाना, कुच्छ देर में लौट जाना

کَھڑے کَھڑے ہو جانا کے اردو معانی

  • تھوڑی دیر کے لیے آ کر مل جانا، لمحے بھر کو آجانا ذرا دیر میں واپس چلا جانا

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kha.De kha.De ho jaanaa

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