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KHatre men kuud pa.Dnaa


KHatre men pa.Dnaa

to fall in trouble, be afflicted

mulaazamat KHatre men pa.Dnaa

fear of losing a job

maidaan me.n kuud pa.Dnaa

tannuur me.n kuud pa.Dnaa

aag me.n kuud pa.Dnaa

maidaan-e-kaarzaar me.n kuud pa.Dnaa

to get into a war

paraa.ii aag me.n kuud pa.Dnaa

jaltii aag me.n kuud pa.Dnaa

jaltii aag me.n kuud pa.Dnaa

jump into a dangerous situation, invite trouble

bu.Dhiyaa kii shaadii men sau KHatre

risky task is fraught with pitfalls

kuud pa.Dnaa

jump in

KHatre men na laanaa

(Colloquial) to allow to enter the mind, to think of, give a thought to, to regard, mind, care for, attend to (generally used negatively, Khatir men na lana)

KHatre me.n Daalnaa

endanger, risk, expose to danger, imperil

saKHt KHatre men

in peril (of)

jaan ko KHatre me.n Daalnaa

niyyat men KHatra jholii men pathraa

kuud bachh.De kuud , terii naliyo.n me.n guud

kuud muu.e kuud terii naliyo.n me.n guud, nikal gyaa guud to rah gayaa marduud

maa'riz-e-KHatar men pa.Dnaa

okhal me.n sar diyaa to dhamko.n se kyaa KHatra

din men taare dikhaa.ii denaa yaa pa.Dnaa

see stars, light to flash before the eyes, especially as a result of a blow on the head, be unpleasantly surprised, be caught unawares, be shocked

KHatre kii bigul


danger, fear, risk, apprehension

KHatre kaa signal

KHatre kii ghanTii

dha.D me.n pa.Dnaa

jhag.Do.n me.n pa.Dnaa

la.Dtii me.n pa.Dnaa

ga.Dhe me.n pa.Dnaa

chithaa.D me.n pa.Dnaa

kha.Daag me.n pa.Dnaa

jhag.De me.n pa.Dnaa

dushvaarii me.n pa.Dnaa

daa.nv me.n pa.Dnaa

diqqat me.n pa.Dnaa

get into trouble or difficulty

qaziyya me.n pa.Dnaa

kuud kuud kar chalnaa

move in jumps and hops, hobble

KHadshe me.n pa.Dnaa

become worried, anxious or apprehensive

dozaKH me.n pa.Dnaa

tashviish me.n pa.Dnaa

worry about, be alarmed

Gazabii me.n pa.Dnaa

ziiq me.n pa.Dnaa

zaGte me.n pa.Dnaa

'azaab me.n pa.Dnaa

bha.nvar me.n pa.Dnaa

me.n daaG pa.Dnaa

iltavaa me.n pa.Dnaa

dubdhaa me.n pa.Dnaa

ma.njdhaar me.n pa.Dnaa

be in great trouble or difficulty, be in the midst of a crisis

dhando.n me.n pa.Dnaa

mu.nh me.n pa.Dnaa

become talk of the town

faziihat me.n pa.Dnaa

mu.nh me.n pa.Dnaa

qissa me.n pa.Dnaa

khaTaa.ii me.n pa.Dnaa

be indefinitely deferred, put or laid aside, put in cold storage, be shelved

zabaan me.n pa.Dnaa

narGe me.n pa.Dnaa

darmiyaan me.n pa.Dnaa

dhoke me.n pa.Dnaa

Meaning ofSee meaning KHatre men kuud pa.Dnaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

KHatre men kuud pa.Dnaa

ख़तरे में कूद पड़नाخَطْرے میں کُود پَڑنا


English meaning of KHatre men kuud pa.Dnaa

  • daredevilry
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ख़तरे में कूद पड़ना के हिंदी अर्थ

  • बहुत कठिन काम को करने की प्रतिज्ञा ले लेना

خَطْرے میں کُود پَڑنا کے اردو معانی

  • انتہائی مشکل کام کی ذمہ داری لے لینا

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KHatre men kuud pa.Dnaa

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