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maGz ke kii.De jha.Dnaa

be humbled, face the music, be set right, come to one's senses

maGz ke kii.De jhaa.Dnaa

kii.De maGz ke u.Dnaa

maGz ke kii.De u.Daanaa

chatter, brag, bother much

maGz ke kii.De u.Dnaa

dimaaG ke kii.De jha.Dnaa

maGz se kii.De jhaa.Dnaa

maGz ke kii.De u.D jaanaa

maGz ke kii.De na u.Daa.o

maGz ke kii.De chaaT lenaa

maGz jha.Dnaa

kii.De jha.Dnaa

maGz me.n kii.De kulbulaanaa

mu.nh ke lachchhan jha.Dnaa

mu.nh ke lachchhan jha.Dnaa

baadshaah kaa maGz

baadshaa kaa maGz

sar ke andar maGz rakhnaa

maGz me.n kii.Daa honaa

maGz me.n kii.Daa hai

dimaaG ke kii.De chaaT ga.e

kaan ke kii.De khaanaa

maGz kii garmii chhaTvaanaa

kaan ke kii.De khaa jaanaa

maGz ko cha.Dhnaa

maGz kii kiil nikalnaa

maGz kii kiil nikaalnaa

maGz kii nikal jaanaa

patthar ke kii.De ko bhii KHudaa detaa hai

maGz ko cha.Dh jaanaa

affect the mind

kutte kaa maGz khaayaa hai

kii.De kaa chaaT jaanaa

maGz u.Daanaa

upset (someone), disturbance in mind

maGz phaa.Dnaa

maGz kha.Dnaa

maGz u.Dnaa

feel distracted

maGz biga.Dnaa

baa.D jha.Dnaa

baa.Dh jha.Dnaa


be swept, be cleaned or dusted


dimaaG jha.Dnaa

be shorn of pride, to have the pride taken out of one

daa.nt jha.Dnaa

teeth to fall out

buu.nd jha.Dnaa


Angry, wild.

lachchhan jha.Dnaa

the beauty (of a person) to fade,' to lose (one's) beauty, to be or become disfigured, to degenerate, deteriorate, to become depraved, or demoralized, or corrupted

daliddar jha.Dnaa

maGz bhau.nkaanaa

maGz u.D jaanaa

maGz u.Daa jaanaa

be upset


mentally deranged, of unsound mind

nazar jha.Dnaa

daal jha.Dnaa

gard jha.Dnaa

dust to come off

dhuul jha.Dnaa

aa.nsuu jha.Dnaa

ko.Dh maGz

thick headed, stupid, block headed

chi.ngaarii jha.Dnaa

maGz ko lagii to e.Diyo.n me.n bujhii

shahpar jha.Dnaa

Meaning ofSee meaning maGz ke kii.De jha.Dnaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

maGz ke kii.De jha.Dnaa

मग़्ज़ के कीड़े झड़नाمَغْز کے کِیڑے جَھڑنا


English meaning of maGz ke kii.De jha.Dnaa


  • be humbled, face the music, be set right, come to one's senses
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मग़्ज़ के कीड़े झड़ना के हिंदी अर्थ


  • ۔सज़ा पाना।दरुस्त होना। सीधा होना। ग़रूर ढीना। ठीक होजाना। दरुस्त होजाना
  • मग़ज़ के कीड़े झाड़ना (रुक) का लाज़िम, सज़ा पाना, दरुस्त होना

مَغْز کے کِیڑے جَھڑنا کے اردو معانی


  • ۔سزا پانا۔درست ہونا۔ سیدھا ہونا۔ غرور ڈھینا۔ ٹھیک ہوجانا۔ درست ہوجانا۔
  • مغز کے کیڑے جھاڑنا (رک) کا لازم ، سزا پانا ، درست ہونا

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maGz ke kii.De jha.Dnaa

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