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man haath me.n lenaa

haath me.n haath lenaa

haath me.n lenaa

take up, catch hold of

dil haath me.n lenaa

win the heart (of)

haath haath me.n thaam lenaa

to.nbii haath me.n lenaa

taking a cane in hand to beg, to begging

haath me.n dil lenaa

mu'aamala haath me.n lenaa

jii haath me.n lenaa

haath me.n le lenaa

lagaam haath me.n lenaa

haath me.n lenaa paat me.n khaanaa

live from hand to mouth

haath me.n Thiikraa lenaa

kamaan haath me.n lenaa

miizaan apne haath me.n lenaa

qaanuun apne haath me.n lenaa

miTTii haath me.n lenaa aur sonaa kar dikhaanaa

dil haath me.n laanaa

haath me.n laanaa paat me.n khaanaa

live from hand to mouth

haath me.n laanaa peT me.n khaanaa

haatho.n me.n lenaa

chuut.Do.n me.n haath denaa

lak.Dii haath me.n pak.Daa denaa

haatho.n me.n le lenaa

haath me.n haath pak.Daa denaa

Tho.Dii me.n haath denaa

cajole or appease (by touching someone's chin), flatter

gardan me.n haath pa.Dnaa

girebaa.n me.n haath pa.Dnaa

nazar me.n taa.D lenaa

baato.n me.n taa.D lenaa

haath me.n pa.Dnaa

haath me.n cha.Dhnaa

haath me.n paka.Dnaa

haath me.n cha.Dhaanaa

azhdahe ke mu.nh me.n haath denaa

undertake a dangerous task

mu.nh kaa mu.nh me.n, haath kaa haath me.n nivaala rah gayaa

mu.nh kaa nivaala mu.nh me.n , haath kaa haath me.n rah gayaa

staggered, aghast, taken aback, stunned

mu.nh ka mu.nh me.n haath kaa haath me.n nivaala rah gayaa

baGlo.n me.n haath denaa

Tho.Dii me.n haath honaa

haath me.n qalam paka.D kar rah jaanaa

haath me.n pa.Daa rahnaa

haath me.n pa.Daa honaa

dexterity, perfection

haath me.n pa.D jaanaa

gale me.n haath pa.Dnaa

Tho.Dii me.n haath Daalnaa

ka.Daahii me.n haath Daalnaa

bhi.Do.n ke chhatte me.n haath lagaanaa

Tuk.Daa saa to.D ke haath me.n de denaa

mukh me.n kaa.Dii lenaa

dushman kaa baGal me.n dabaa lenaa

farzandii me.n lenaa

accept (one) as son-in-law

Takaa ho jis ke haath me.n vo ba.Daa hai zaat me.n

KHargosh kii tarah jhaa.Diyo.n me.n maar lenaa

haath me.n laanaa

zahr ke haath me.n lene se be khaa.e nahii.n martaa

haath me.n shifaa denaa

qabze me.n lenaa

bring into one's grasp or possession, seize

dil me.n naqsh kar lenaa

hunar haath me.n pa.Daa honaa

Meaning ofSee meaning man haath me.n lenaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

man haath me.n lenaa

मन हाथ में लेनाمَن ہاتھ میں لینا


मन हाथ में लेना के हिंदी अर्थ

  • आज्ञाकार बनाना, आज्ञा पालन करना

مَن ہاتھ میں لینا کے اردو معانی

  • فرماں بردار بنانا ، مطیع کرنا ۔

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man haath me.n lenaa

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