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miTTii ke saath miTTii honaa

miTTii miTTii ke saath mil jaanaa

miTTii ke mahaadev

miTTii honaa

to become (or turn to) clay, to become weak or faint, to become cold and insipid (as food), to be spoiled, or ruined, or destroyed

miTTii ke maadho

miTTii ke bhaav

very cheap

miTTii ke molo.n

miTTii 'aziiz honaa

to be buried, to buried, burial in the hands of a relative or a favorite person

miTTii me.n mil kar miTTii honaa

dil miTTii honaa

badan miTTii honaa

miTTii barbaad honaa

to be insulted, to be humiliated, to be infamous

miTTii viiraan honaa

miTTii paliid honaa

the dust or clay (of a person) to be defiled, the obsequies (of a person) to be marred or spoiled, to be badly off, to be treated with indignity, to be beaten severely, to be dragged through the mire

miTTii ke baraabar

absolutely worthless, insignificant

miTTii ke mol

very cheap

nashsha miTTii honaa

miTTii KHvaar honaa

be in reduced or bad circumstances, be badly off, be spoiled (someone's obsequial rites)

miTTii savaarat honaa

tabii'at miTTii honaa miTTii honaa

kisii kii miTTii 'aziiz honaa

jii miTTii honaa

kaam miTTii honaa

miTTii akaarat honaa

miTTii nasiib honaa

miTTii KHaraab honaa

to be destroyed

miTTii kaa banaa honaa

marii miTTii kaa honaa

paa.nv ke niiche kii miTTii

miTTii ke bhaa.o biknaa

miTTii ke mol saudaa karnaa

haath kii miTTii nasiib honaa

kisii kii miTTii KHaraab honaa

maut miTTii KHaraab honaa

miTTii ke mol bech Daalnaa

sonaa le ke miTTii na denaa

hazaaro.n man miTTii ke niiche jaa pahu.nchnaa

hag kone me.n miTTii sarkaa ke

man ke laDDu.o.n se bhuuk nahii.n miTtii

paise ke saaTh-saaTh honaa

dam ke saath honaa

jaan ke saath honaa

paa.nv ke niiche kii miTTii bhii aisii na hogii

kumhaar kaa gadhaa jis ke chuuta.D par miTTii dekhe us ke piichhe dau.De

dum ke saath lagaa honaa

saa.ns ke saath aas lagii honaa

miTTii kaa

of earth, earthy, earthen

miTTii kii aa.D shikaar khelnaa

darvaaze kii miTTii le Daalnaa

to wear away the ground about a door (by visiting frequently), to visit a place too often

miTTii kaa qarz

right of homeland, the demand of soil, the right of soil land

miTTii kii Gizaa

miTTii kii bhii na chho.Dnaa

miTTii kaa gharau.ndaa

fickle, inconstant, unstable

miTTii kaa dho.ndaa

miTTii kaa lo.ndaa

fool, dunce, dummy, nonentity

miTTii kaa mahaadev

fool, dunce, dummy, nonentity

kuu.e.n kii miTTii kuu.e.n hii ko lagtaa

miTTii kaa gha.Daa bhii Tho.nk bajaa kar lete hai.n

a wise buyer thoroughly examines the wares before purchase

buzurgo.n kii miTTii me.n jaan Daalnaa

Meaning ofSee meaning miTTii ke saath miTTii honaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

miTTii ke saath miTTii honaa

मिट्टी के साथ मिट्टी होनाمِٹّی کے ساتھ مِٹّی ہونا


मिट्टी के साथ मिट्टी होना के हिंदी अर्थ

  • मृत्यु के बाद शव का मिट्टी में मिल जाना, दफ़न होना, मर जाना

مِٹّی کے ساتھ مِٹّی ہونا کے اردو معانی

  • مرنے کے بعد جسم کا مٹی میں مل جانا ، پیوند خاک ہونا ؛ مر جانا

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miTTii ke saath miTTii honaa

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