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laughing stock, sweet served in party, a witty and sociable person member in a party, a jester


lamp of assembly of beloved, idol

nuql farmaanaa


a dry-fruit seller


a sort of sweetmeat, a snack, a dessert taken with liquor

mahfil bigaa.Dnaa

mahfil ukha.Dnaa ke nuql

nuql karnaa

mahfil sard pa.Dnaa

there will be no glory in ceremony or gathering

mahfil kii mahfil uTh jaanaa

mahfil mun'aqid karnaa

mahfil zaa'fraan-zaar honaa


styling assembly, beautify the gathering, to organize a meeting

mahfil afsurda honaa


pleasures of the gathering


mahfil darhm-barhm karnaa

bharii mahfil me.n

taaro.n kii mahfil

a brilliant congregation

maa'rifat kii mahfil


etiquettes in an assembly


the beauty of the whole gathering, beloved


suited for assembly

mahfil se nikalvaanaa

mahfil kii raunaq

life and soul of the party, celebrator, favourite personality, one who brings excitement in the party

mahfil guu.nj uThnaa

mahfil ko zaa'faraan-zaar ban denaa


mahfil bhar me.n

mahfil ko zaa'faraan zaar banaa denaa


social person


splendor of the assembly, the beloved


one who presides the assembly, gathering

mahfil par aanaa

To reach to crescendo, to reach a point of greatest excitement.

mahfil par chhaanaa

to dominate a ceremony or gathering with own special skills

mahfil murattab karnaa


assembly, congregation, congress, gathering, party, meeting, sitting-place


cause of the colorfulness of the gathering

mahfil se badar karnaa

disgraceful removal from function etc.,

mahfil rachnaa

mahfil sajaanaa

mahfil rachaanaa

mahfil sajnaa

mahfil jaagnaa

mahfil uThnaa

color, mood of the gathering



decorator of the feast, someone center of the attention in the assembly

mahfil lagaanaa

mahfil me.n chamak rahnaa

mahfil par honaa

mahfil tah-o-baalaa karnaa

mahfil tah-o-baalaa honaa

mahfil se badar honaa

mahfil se uThaanaa

mahfil se uThnaa

mahfil garm rakhnaa

to keep continue ceremonies etc.

mahfil garm karnaa

mahfil barKHaast karnaa

conclude a meeting

Meaning of nuql-e-mahfil in English, Hindi & Urdu


नुक़्ल-ए-महफ़िलنُقْلِ مَحفِل

Critique us (nuql-e-mahfil)




Origin: Arabic

Vazn : 2222

English meaning of nuql-e-mahfil

Noun, Masculine

  • laughing stock, sweet served in party, a witty and sociable person member in a party, a jester
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नुक़्ल-ए-महफ़िल के हिंदी अर्थ

संज्ञा, पुल्लिंग

  • वो मस्ख़रा शख़्स जिससे लोग आनंदित हों, लोगों को सभा में अपनी बातों या हरकतों से हँसाने वाला, वो चीजें जिसको लोग हर सभा में खाएं और सेवन करें

نُقْلِ مَحفِل کے اردو معانی

اسم، مذکر

  • ۱۔ وہ چیزیں (شیرینی وغیرہ) جو یاران محفل محفل میں کھائیں ، وہ چیز جو یاران ہم صحبت مجلس میں کھائیں ۔
  • ۔ ۲۔ وہ مسخرہ شخص جس کی ذات سے تفریح ہو ، لوگوں کو محفل میں اپنی باتوں یا حرکتوں سے ہنسانے والا ، نقل مجلس ۔

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