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spectator, audience, bystander, onlooker, people who just watch and do not help or care for what is happening


exhibition, show, sight, spectacle


show, entertainment, exhibition


outing, sight seeing, joke, mock, derision, cheerfulness, game


spectator of grandeur

tamaashaa pa.Dnaa


silent spectator

tamaashe kaa

tamaashe kii

tamaashaa bannaa

to be a laughing-stock

tamaashaa dekhnaa

to enjoy others' misfortune

tamaashaa dikhaanaa

to show (one) a sight or spectacle, (fig) to give (one) a trouncing

tamaashaa dikhlaanaa

tamaashaa karne vaalaa

tamaashe kii baate.n

tamaashaa aanaa

tamaashaa karnaa

to poke fun (at), make fun (of), to jeer, jest

tamaashaa banaanaa

make a butt of jokes or ridicule

tamaashaa luuTnaa

tamshaa banaanaa

tamaashe kii baat

pretty sight, strange things

tamaashaa ban jaanaa

tamaashaa banaa lenaa

make a butt of jokes or ridicule

tamaashaa honaa

a pretty jest

buu.Dhe mu.nh muhaa se log cha.Dhe tamaashe

qudrat-e-KHaaliq kaa tamaashaa dekhnaa

qudrat-e-KHudaa kaa tamaashaa dekhnaa

aag de tamaashaa dekhne vaalaa

kargaa chho.D tamaashe jaa.e naahq choT juulaahaa khaa.e

karga chho.D tamaashe jaa.e naahaq choT julaahaa khaa.e

mar-mar bu.Dhiyaa giit gaave, bhole log tamaashe aave.n

karghaa chho.D tamaashe ko jaa.e naahaq choT julaahaa khaa.e

if a weaver goes to see row he comes back with a bloody nose, one should mind one's own business, poking nose in other people's row can cost dearly

lakka.Diyaa baa.nse kii , kaanii aa.nkh tamaashe kii

bu.Dhiyaa kaa kaataa javaan kaa khaajaa yaa tamaashaa

qudrat kaa tamaashaa

bin kau.Dii bin paise kaa tamaashaa

buu.Dhaa mu.nh muhaasaa log aa.e tamaashaa

duur se tamaashaa dekhnaa

aag lagaa.e tamaashaa dekhe


longing for vision

ghar phuu.nk tamaashaa dekhnaa

to set (one's) house on fire and look on at the sport', to waste one's substance in idle pleasures

mizaaj kyaa hai ik tamaashaa hai, gh.Dii me.n tola gha.Dii me.n maashaa hai

bail na kuudaa , kuudii gaun , ye tamaashaa dekhe kaun

ghar phuu.nk kar tamaashaa dekhnaa

waste one's substance in idle pleasure

ghar phuu.nk tamaasha dekhnaa

duniyaa ke tamaashe


turfa-tamaashaa nazar aanaa

lo aur tamaashaa dekho


novel, strange, extraordinary, wonderful spectacle, something extraordinary or strange

zaahir kaa tamaashaa

'ajab tamaashe kaa

ghar kho kar tamaashaa dekhnaa

bhai.ns na kuudii kuudii gaun, ye tamaashaa dekhe kaun

putliyo.n kaa tamaashaa

coquettish movement of the pupils of eyes (by a woman or lover), puppet show

ghar phuu.nk tamaashaa


astonished at the spectable, busy with life

ko.ii tum bhii tamaashaa ho kaa tamaashaa

kyaa tamaashe kii baat hai jis kaa jaa.e vo chor kahlaa.e

Meaning ofSee meaning tamaashaa.ii in English, Hindi & Urdu



Vazn : 1222

See meaning: tamaash-biin

English meaning of tamaashaa.ii

Arabic - Noun, Masculine


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तमाशाई के हिंदी अर्थ

अरबी - संज्ञा, पुल्लिंग

  • तमाशा देखने वाला, तमाशा दिखलाने वाला व्यक्ति।
  • देखने वाला, दर्शक, प्रत्यक्षदर्शी
  • वह जो तमाशा देख रहा हो

फ़ारसी, अरबी - विशेषण

  • तमाशा देखनेवाला या देखनेवाले, कौतुकदर्शी
  • नज़ारा करने वाला, तमाशा दिखलानेवाला व्यक्ति

تَماشائی کے اردو معانی

عربی - اسم، مذکر

  • نظارہ کرنے والا، دیکھنے والا
  • تماشے کا دیکھنے والا

فارسی، عربی - صفت

  • دیکھنے والا، نظارہ کرنے والا

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