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tan taaza qalandar raajaa

the monk is also king when his stomach is full, nobody care any thing except his own

tan taaza honaa

tan taaza karnaa

dam qalandar , duudh maliida


an order of fakirs, monks or dervishes who abandon worldly possessions, ascetic


I couldn't care less, I do not care at all

dam mast qalandar dhar rag.Daa




It does not matter, It's nothing, No problem



careless fellow who lost himself in divine love, mystic, the divine attribute, needless


kolii kaa ghar jale qalandar ga.nDaa maa.nge

kolii kaa ghar jale qalandar ga.nDaa maa.nge.n



taaza shaguufa chho.Dnaa

to say something unique


someone who doesn't care much, a carefree fellow, an order of sufi fakir, monks or dervish who abandon worldly possessions, ascetic, careless


fresh, new, recent


fresh, new, recent

tiin roza zindagii

yaade.n taaza karnaa

to remember afresh

yaade.n taaza honaa

vuzuu taaza karnaa

perform fresh ablutions

dimaaG taaza karnaa

dimaaG taaza rahnaa

dimaaG taaza honaa

daaG taaza honaa

daaG taaza karnaa

ghar ke rove.n baahar ke khaa.e.n du'aa dene qalandar jaa.e.n

raajaa bulaave Thaa.De aave

tan paka.Dnaa

maGz jaa.n taaza honaa


Raja, monarch, fanciful, generous, rich, expert


fresh, just descended from branch


modern time

raajaa indar kaa akhaa.Daa

assembly of beautiful women

huqqa taaza honaa

taaza shaguufa khilnaa

taaza shaguufa khilaanaa

huqqa taaza karnaa

change the water in a hookah

taaza shaguufa phuulnaa

chhuuchhii haa.nDii baaje Tan Tan

andho.n me.n kaanaa raajaa

a triton among the minnows, a mediocrity among fools easily becomes their leader




fresh, new couplets



ever fresh, ever new, fresh and blooming

jaane bichaaraa qalandar jis kaa phuuTe kachkol


bhaado.n dono.n saakh kaa raajaa



very strong, having a body resisting all kinds of attacks

andhe haafiz kaane raajaa

tan to.D lenaa

tan ke bahattar tan honaa

ruuh taaza karnaa

ruuh taaza honaa

Meaning ofSee meaning tan taaza qalandar raajaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

tan taaza qalandar raajaa

तन ताज़ा क़लंदर राजाتَن تَازہ قَلَنْدَر راجا


English meaning of tan taaza qalandar raajaa


  • the monk is also king when his stomach is full, nobody care any thing except his own
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तन ताज़ा क़लंदर राजा के हिंदी अर्थ


  • पेट भरा हो तो क़लंदर भी राजा है, किसी से कुछ मतलब नहीं अपने पेट भरने से काम, न किसी के मरने से कोई मतलब न जीने से काम, अपने मलाई-पराठे से मतलब

تَن تَازہ قَلَنْدَر راجا کے اردو معانی


  • پیٹ بھرا ہو تو قلندر بھی راجا ہے، کسی سے کچھ غرض نہیں اپنی تن پروری سے کام، نہ کسی کے مرنے سے غرض نہ جینے سے کام، اپنے ملائی پراٹھے سے غرض

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tan taaza qalandar raajaa

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