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earth, clay, soil, dust, dirt, sand, mud, land, , nature



منقلب کرنا یا ہونا؛ تبدیلی لانا یا متغیر ہونا ۔.


نمایاں ٹیلا جس پر کوئی قلعہ یا مورچہ وغیرہ بنا ہو ۔.


سنیما یا متحرک تصویر کشی میں کسی نقش پر دوسرانقش چڑھانے کے لیے اس کو جزوی طور پر ڈھانپنے والا نقاب یا پردہ۔.



a non-vegetarian delicacy


Mutton, the flesh of sheep, especially mature sheep


بھیڑ، بکری کا گوشت بطور غذا۔.

miTTii dha.Daknaa

miTTii u.Dnaa

be ruined, be destroyed

miTTii u.Daanaa

miTTii go.Dnaa

miTTii pa.Dhnaa

miTTii biga.Dnaa

miTTii pak.Dnaa

miTTii bigaa.Dnaa

miTTii kaa

of earth, earthy, earthen

miTTii paa pa.Dnaa

miTTii par la.Dnaa

miTTii kii aa.D shikaar khelnaa

miTTii kaa gha.Daa bhii Tho.nk bajaa kar lete hai.n

a wise buyer thoroughly examines the wares before purchase

miTTii se ju.De rahnaa

miTTii kii bhii na chho.Dnaa

miTTii pak.De sonaa hotaa hai

miTTii dilvaanaa

miTTii kaa qarz

right of homeland, the demand of soil, the right of soil land

miTTii kii Gizaa

miTTii kaa lo.ndaa

fool, dunce, dummy, nonentity

miTtii hu.ii

miTTii kaa dho.ndaa

miTTii par haath Daaltaa hai sonaa miltaa hai, miTTii paka.Dne se sonaa hotaa hai

miTTii kaa gharau.ndaa

fickle, inconstant, unstable

miTTii kaa mahaadev

fool, dunce, dummy, nonentity

miTTii ke mahaadev

miTTii 'aziiz honaa

to be buried, to buried, burial in the hands of a relative or a favorite person

miTTii me.n milaa denaa

miTTii denaa

bury, inter, throw handfuls of earth (on a grave)

miTTii 'aziiz karnaa

give proper burial

miTTii me.n san.naa

overflowing with soil, getting with mud, body or feet getting stuck in the in the mud

miTTii chhaan.naa

travel extensively, travel round the world

miTTii saan.naa

miTTii kii thuu.ii

miTTii Dalvaanaa

to cause earth to be thrown (as a contrivance for recovering stolen property, each of the persons suspected is required to throw some earth in a certain spot, and the thief is thus given the opportunity of depositing the stolen property under the heap of

miTTii kaa diyaa

miTTii ke bhaav

very cheap

miTTii kar denaa

miTTii maa.ngnaa

to expect people to come to one's funeral

miTTii ke maadho

miTTii kaa maadho

a fool, a dummy, a good for nothing fellow

miTTii kaa thuvaa

fool, dunce, dummy, nonentity

miTTii kaa sher

miTTii kii tarah ghulnaa

miTTii paliid karnaa

to insult, to abuse, to ruin

miTTii paliid karaanaa

miTTii kii Tikiyaa.n

miTTii ko haath lagaa.e.n to sonaa ho jaa.e

miTTii khii.nchnaa

miTTii barbaad karnaa

to insult, to abase, to humiliated, to defame

Urdu words for motto



motto के उर्दू अर्थ


motto کے اردو معانی


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