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ba.Dii aa.ii.n

gabruu javaan , ba.Dii aan baan

jin kaa be.Daa un kaa khe.Daa

ba.Dii ba.Dii baate.n karnaa

ba.Dii ba.Dii zabaane.n honaa

ba.Dii Dev.Dhii

aa.nkhe.n to ba.Dii ba.Dii hai.n


big, elder

mare baavaa kii ba.Dii ba.Dii aa.nkhe.n

muu.e bail kii ba.Dii ba.Dii aa.nkhe.n

muu.e baap kii ba.Dii ba.Dii aa.nkhe.n

ba.Dii raa.ii

red-colored mustard

ba.Dii ilaa.ichii

species of large cardamom used as spice

ba.Dii raqam

ba.Dii ba.Daa.ii hotii


decorating with mirrors


installation of mirrors, glass decorations

ba.Dii miss

dil me.n ba.Dii ba.Dii baate.n bharii hai.n

ba.Dii dhaak ba.ndhnaa

ba.Dii Te.Dhii khiir

ba.Dii der me.n

ba.Dii karnaa

ba.Dii muuslii

ba.Dii sarkaar

ba.Dii maataa


ba.Dii roTii

ba.Dii aasaamii

rich man, man of resources

ba.Dii mel

a certain bird of dusty hue

ba.Dii baat

difficult task, something very significant, shocking or crucial

'aql ba.Dii honaa

ba.Dii bahuu ba.Daa bhaag

ba.Dii chiiz uThaanaa

ba.Dii naak vaalaa


ba.Dii bharii Galatii

ba.Dii raat ga.e

late at night, in the dead of night

ba.Do.n kii ba.Dii baat

age brings wisdom

ba.Dii KHair hu.ii

zaat ba.Dii honaa

of a higher caste

ba.Dii dhaak honaa

ba.Dii baat hu.ii

ba.Dii vo hai

ba.Dii chiiz hai

ba.Dii baat nahii.n

'umr ba.Dii ho

may you have a long life!

'umr ba.Dii hai

life is long enough!

ba.Dii 'umr hai

remark on someone's unexpected showing up

parhez ba.Dii davaa hai

ittifaaq ba.Dii chiiz hai

ba.Dii puu.nchh kaa aadmii


a lump of indigo, an inferior kind of indigo


(Botany) Premna integrifolia, a scandent, erect shrub or small tree, more or less thorny on the trunk and large branches with opposite or whorled and entire or serrate leaves

qanaa'at ba.Dii daulat hai

a contented person is always be happy

'aql ba.Dii yaa bhai.ns

'aql ba.Dii ki bhai.ns

me.n ba.Dii samaa.ii honaa

vasiila ba.Dii chiiz hai

interest is a great thing

chhoTaa mu.nh, ba.Dii baat

boasting by an incapable or weak person

nannhii ba.Dii ko bakhaan.naa

kuchh ba.Dii baat nahii.n

Meaning ofSee meaning ba.Dii aa.ii.n in English, Hindi & Urdu

ba.Dii aa.ii.n

बड़ी आईंبَڑی آئِیں


See meaning: ba.De-aa.e

बड़ी आईं के हिंदी अर्थ

  • बड़े आए (रुक) की तानीस

بَڑی آئِیں کے اردو معانی

  • بڑے آئے (رک) کی تانیث

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ba.Dii aa.ii.n

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