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be.Daa cha.Dhaanaa

be.Daa chho.Dnaa

KHvaaja KHizar kaa bii.Daa cha.Dhaanaa

be.Daa baa.ndhnaa

assemble crowd


be.Daa chhuuTnaa

Duuban be.Daa pa.Dnaa

to prove a sinking ship,' to prove injurious or baneful, to fall into a damning sin

be.Daa Garq karnaa

botch a job, destroy, wreck

be.Daa Garq ho

be.Daa Garq honaa

be destroyed

be.Daa karnaa

be.Daa uThaanaa

undertake to accomplish a job, take up the gauntlet, set oneself to do

be.Daa Duubnaa

be.Daa Dubonaa

ka.Dhaa.ii cha.Dhaanaa

chuu.Diyaa.n cha.Dhaanaa

qadah cha.Dhaanaa


very crooked, zig-zag, irregular

lashkar kaa be.Daa

baa.Dh cha.Dhaanaa

aa.Daa cha.Dhaanaa

jo.D cha.Dhaanaa

tob.Daa cha.Dhaanaa

gho.Daa cha.Dhaanaa

cock a gun

kap.Daa cha.Dhaanaa

Daa.Dhii cha.Dhaanaa

gho.Dii cha.Dhaanaa

to mount a boy on horse back, to form a marriage or circumcision procession.

daaG cha.Dhaanaa

niyaaze.n cha.Dhaanaa

nazre.n cha.Dhaanaa

bhave.n cha.Dhaanaa

chaa.nd cha.Dhaanaa

commit a great mistake

daa.nt cha.Dhaanaa

a.ndherii cha.Dhaanaa

blindfold, hoodwink

me.nhdii cha.Dhaanaa

paa.e.nche cha.Dhaanaa

meh.ndii cha.Dhaanaa

chau.ndhii cha.Dhaanaa

banduuq cha.Dhaanaa

sham' cha.Dhaanaa

qai.nchii cha.Dhaanaa




ford or boat, place of abode, the whereabouts (of a person), ( fig.) means of attaining one's desires

mushke.n cha.Dhaanaa

bha.nve.n cha.Dhaanaa

daa.nto.n cha.Dhaanaa


ford or boat, place of abode, the whereabouts (of a person), (fig.) means of attaining one's desires


KHvaaja KHizr be.Daa paar

qal'ii cha.Dhaanaa

baa.nh cha.Dhaanaa

mu.nh cha.Dhaanaa

qufl cha.Dhaanaa

daftar cha.Dhaanaa

Gilaaf cha.Dhaanaa

muuchhe.n cha.Dhaanaa

to turn or twist the moustaches upwards, to be vain cha.Dhaanaa


physically raise, elevate, lift, climb or embark, place on board, load (cargo on a ship, lorry, etc.)


naval fleet, armada, naval force

raddaa cha.Dhaanaa

Meaning ofSee meaning be.Daa cha.Dhaanaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

be.Daa cha.Dhaanaa

बेड़ा चढ़ानाبیڑا چَڑھانا


बेड़ा चढ़ाना के हिंदी अर्थ

  • मिन्नत मानने या मानी हुई मुफ़्त को अदा करने के लिए ख़्वाजा ख़िज़र के नाम की बान और फोन से बनी हुई नाव पर चिराग़ और मिठाई और फूल रख कर भादों के महीने में दरिया या नदी में छोड़ना

بیڑا چَڑھانا کے اردو معانی

  • منت ماننے یا مانی ہوئی مفت کو ادا کرنے کے لیے خواجہ خضر کے نام کی بانْس اور پھونْس سے بنی ہوئی ناؤ پر چراغ اور مٹھائی اور پھول رکھ کر بھادوں کے مہینے میں دریا یا ندی میں چھوڑنا

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be.Daa cha.Dhaanaa

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