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dha.Daa karnaa

to balance, to counterpoise

buraa dihaa.Daa karnaa


counter-balancing weight

dha.Daa baa.ndhnaa

to make up a party or side, to make up a standard to weigh with

ulTaa dha.Daa ba.ndhnaa

ulTaa dha.Daa baa.ndhnaa

to convict a person who has commented on crime, putting one's work on the head of another

dha.Daa maarnaa

dha.Daa uThaanaa



mourning, lamentation (esp. with breast-beating), sound of breast-beating, , intensely, noisily


dha.Daa-dha.Dii biknaa

something to sell quickly

dha.Daa-dha.Dii machaanaa

DhoDaa kha.Daa karnaa

dha.Daa-dha.Dii kaa maatam


distance between two legs




Dhe.nDaa phulaanaa

Dhe.nDaa phuulnaa


the act of making groups or counter-balancing weight


sound of falling, rattling, banging, sharp succession of sounds as of falling bodies, blows


illegal business, black market

dha.Daa-dha.D honaa

dha.Daa-dha.D jalnaa

burn fiercely

baav na bataas teraa aa.nchal kyo.nkar Dolaa puut na bhataar teraa Dhe.nDaa kyo.nkar phuulaa

hu.Dda.ngaa karnaa

hu.Dda.nge karnaa

cha.Dhaa.ii karnaa

chide, scold, berate

tu.Daa.ii karnaa

ka.Dhaa.ii karnaa

pa.Daav karnaa

khilvaa.D karnaa

pa.Daav karnaa

qavaa'id karnaa

bha.Dkaav karnaa

khilaa.Diyaa.n karnaa

to gambol, to practise or perform tricks (as a dog)

kau.Diyaa.n karnaa

cheap selling, sell something cheap

ha.Duu.nge karnaa

dharo.D karnaa

dau.D karnaa

dam.De karnaa

to sell off, to sell cheap

had.Daa karnaa

khandhuu.Daa karnaa

peshvaa.ii karnaa

to lead, guide

vaazeh karnaa

to explain, elucidate, give in detail, to make clear, clarify, point out

' karnaa

impose, levy

daa.nv karnaa

To make use of trick in wrestling.

bauchhaa.D karnaa

to shower, pelt down (rain), to raise a spray

chhiichh.Daa karnaa

to flay, to tear to pieces

qaa.iza karnaa

tie the horse's bridle tightly to its tail while doing the massage, so that it keeps the head high and does not bite the masseur

azhdahaa.ii karnaa

'adaavat karnaa

vidaa' karnaa

bid farewell, say good bye

muzaa.iqa karnaa

ravaadaasht karnaa

'ivaz karnaa

vaaqe' karnaa

vaz' karnaa

coin (words, etc.)

dhaa.nv karnaa

Meaning ofSee meaning dha.Daa karnaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

dha.Daa karnaa

धड़ा करनाدَھڑا کَرنا


English meaning of dha.Daa karnaa

  • to balance, to counterpoise
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धड़ा करना के हिंदी अर्थ

  • तराज़ू के पलड़े में ख़ाली बर्तन रख कर इस के हमवज़न दूसरे पलड़े में वज़नी चीज़ रखना ताकि दोनों पलड़े हमवज़न हो जाएं, पलड़ों को किसी चीज़ के वज़न से बराबर करना तराज़ू में रख कर तौलना, किसी चीज़ का वज़न मालूम करना

دَھڑا کَرنا کے اردو معانی

  • ترازو کے پلڑے میں خالی برتن رکھ کر اس کے ہم وزن دوسرے پلڑے میں وزنی چیز رکھنا تاکہ دونوں پلڑے ہم وزن ہو جائیں، پلڑوں کو کسی چیز کے وزن سے برابر کرنا ترازو میں رکھ کر تولنا ، کسی چیز کا وزن معلوم کرنا.

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dha.Daa karnaa

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