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TuuTe pa.Dnaa


break, fracture, loss

'alam TuuTe

the cursing word of Shi'a women

qahr TuuTe

bijlii TuuTe

'alam-daar kaa 'alam TuuTe

the cursing word of Shi'a women

shaah 'abbaas kaa 'alam TuuTe


Gaib kaa qahr TuuTe

KHudaa kaa qahr TuuTe

bilonii ke daa.nt nahii.n TuuTe

duudh ke daa.nt abhii nahii.n TuuTe

is still callow, is still inexperienced

abhii duudh ke daa.nt nahii.n TuuTe

faaluuda khaate daa.nt TuuTe balaa se

bhaT pa.De sonaa jis se TuuTe kaan

'alii kii teG kaa phal TuuTe

bar mare paTvaasii na TuuTe

taute jo.Dnaa

tote u.Daanaa

tote pa.Dhaanaa

tote u.Dnaa

taute jo.Dnaa

slander, accuse

ToTe me.n pa.Dnaa

buDDhe tote pa.Dhnaa

kaaGaz ke tote u.Daanaa mare na laaThii TuuTe

tote kaa pe.D

tote u.D jaanaa

aap to Daal ke TuuTe hai.n

taute baa.ndhnaa

baato.n ke tote u.Daanaa

tote kii tarah pa.Dhnaa

tote kii tarah pa.Dhaanaa

to make someone memorise, to make someone cram without comprehension

tote kii tarah pa.Dhnaa

repeat, memorise like a parrot without comprehending

haath-paa.o.n ke tote u.Dnaa

tuutii u.Daanaa

naa.D TuuTaa

TuuTaa pa.Dnaa

bending due to overweight

haatho.n ke tote u.Dnaa

haatho.n se tote u.Dnaa

na mare na laaThii TuuTe



kahii.n buu.Dhe tote bhii pa.Dhte hai.n

tote kii tarah kalima pa.Dhnaa

to be pretend Muslim

tote kii tarah diide badalnaa

to be unfaithful, to be disloyal

haath se tote uu.Dnaa

haath se tote u.Dnaa


tuutii kaa pa.Dhnaa

of a parrot to speak

buu.Dhe tote bhii kahii.n pa.Dhaa karte hai.n

you cannot teach an old dog new tricks

muu.ii maa.ii, TuuTii sagaa.ii


tote kii tarah Te.n-Te.n karnaa

ka.Dve niim kaa totaa

it is said that a parrot that sits on bitter neem who become very intelligent, Metaphorically: a very intelligent

tote kii tarah aa.nkhe.n badalnaa

tote kii tarah baate.n karaanaa

teach someone to chatter meaninglessly

tote kii tarah bolnaa

sputter out things from memory, speak without understanding

tote kii tarah raTnaa

hosh ke tote sa.nbhaalo

'arsh kaa ToTaa

Meaning ofSee meaning TuuTe in English, Hindi & Urdu



Origin: Sanskrit

Vazn : 22

See meaning: TuuTaa

English meaning of TuuTe

Noun, Masculine

  • break, fracture, loss

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टूटे के हिंदी अर्थ

संज्ञा, पुल्लिंग

  • टूटा का बहु., तथा लघु., टूटने की क्रिया या भाव, कटने, टूटने आदि पर निकला हुआ अंश या भाग, खंड

ٹُوٹے کے اردو معانی

اسم، مذکر

  • ٹوٹا (رک) کی جمع یا مغیرہ حالت ، تراکیب میں مستعمل ۔
  • ٹوٹا ﴿رک﴾ کی مغیرہ حالت یا جمع ، تراکیب میں مستعمل۔

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